2018 Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement – Irish New Car Review

Anyone who is into 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classics and modern classics will find it hard not to be intrigued by trim lines. Yes, hear me out. We see Ford Cortinas, Mitsubishi Galants and Saab 9000’s around Ireland and find them fascinating with their corduroy cloth seats and simple, but at the time, futuristic features. […]

2018 Volkswagen Arteon vs. 2018 Skoda Superb – Twin Test Review

Back in 2016 when I drove my first Skoda Superb in Ireland, the Superb L&K, I thought Volkswagen had shot themselves in the foot with it. It was far superior than the Passat, and still is for that matter. However, is it better than the Volkswagen Passat CC’s replacement, the 2018 Volkswagen Arteon? I conduct […]

Skoda Kodiaq – Launch

The Skoda Kodiaq, or the Skodiaq as I have been calling it, is the Czech brand’s answer to the Nissan X-Trail and Hyundai Sante Fe. This week marked the launch of the SUV into Ireland and I have been driving it. Firstly, Skoda; you have done well. The Kodiaq’s design has been inspired by a […]

Skoda Octavia RS – Review

I’m a huge fan of hot hatches. When I got the opportunity to test the Skoda Octavia RS range, I grabbed it with open, greedy arms and got two of them! If you’re after a diesel or a petrol hot hatch, look no further. I’ll guide you in the right direction. A Few Facts: Model […]

Skoda Superb Combi – Review

In more recent years, Skoda have completely upped their game. In the 1990’s, Volkswagen acquired Skoda. Now, we begin to see more and more Skodas on the road. Don’t knock the Skoda brand, after all it shares a lot with Volkswagen. But, is that all the Superb is? A glorified Passat? A Few Facts: Model Tested: Skoda […]

Skoda Yeti – Review

The Skoda Yeti is Skoda’s answer to the crossover, an ever-growing, highly competitive segment of the Irish market. With over 400 units registered in 2016, the Yeti is a very popular choice in the Irish market. But, what am I missing? A Few Facts: Model Tested: Skoda Yeti Monte Carlo Engine: 2.0 diesel – 150hp and 320Nm Transmission: 6 Speed Manual, […]

Skoda Suberb L&K – Review

Forget about a well specced Audi A4/A6 or BMW 3/5 Series, the Skoda Super L&K will do just the job. A Few Facts: Model Tested: Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement Engine: 2.0 diesel – 150hp and 340Nm Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic (DSG), Front Wheel Drive Price: The Superb range starts from €26,995. As tested – €43,105. Styling You would be an extremely […]