Audi TT Roadster

The new Audi TT was announced back in March. It has a few cool gadgets on the interior while the face on the exterior was given a new look. In my opinion, they could have done something a little bit more special on the exterior. This doesn’t mean I don’t like it though, I think it looks great actually.

Now though, we welcome the TT Roadster and it looks fantastic! As you would expect, it has an electronically folding fabric roof like all Audi cabriolet models. It is available in either black, grey or jive(a grey-beige colour). A main concern for people who are looking for sports cabriolets is that the roof and mechanism adds a lot of weight. The Audi TTs roof weighs just 39kg, 3kg lighter than its predecessor. It can be dropped in around 10 seconds and, here’s the really impressive part, it can be opened and closed at speeds up 50km/h!

Standaufnahme     Farbe: Arablau Kristalleffekt    Verbrauchsangaben Audi TT Roadster:Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert in l/100 km: 6,8 - 4,3;CO2-Emission kombiniert in g/km: 154 - 114

The Roadster will be available with engines from the TDI and TFSI line-up with power outputs of between 184bhp and 310bhp. The Quattro all-wheel drive system has been completely re-developed and is available as an option on the 2.0 TFSI engine and comes standard in the TTS model.

The new TT offers a lot more in the line of colours than its predecessor. There are 11 exterior colours, 7 of which are new for the TT. 2 brand new colours are Nano Grey and Tango Red.

Audi TTS Roadster

Prices haven’t been announced yet but deliveries to customers are due to start in the first quarter of 2015 so prices should be here soon.

So that’s a quick look at the new TT Roadster. Do you want one? Well I do anyway. Hey Audi, sign me up!

Opel Adam – Review

The Opel Adam Rocks was launched last week in Riga. It is a more rugged version of the current Adam and is aimed at the crossover market. So I thought what better time finally to get around to testing the Adam.


A Few Facts:
Engine: 1.4 petrol
Power: 100bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 130nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission: 5 speed manual


On The Road:
The Adams main purpose and where it fits in best is in the city. It comes standard with a 5 speed manual transmission. This is perfect for its intended purpose, city driving. But, It is a bit noisy on the motorway. The model I tested was the Adam Jam. The 1.4 litre engine is a great engine but I think it is a bit big for a city car. Opel claims it can get 5.1l/100km(55.4mpg) but in my opinion, an even better figure could be achieved with a smaller engine capacity. I have been informed that the Adam will get a 1 litre engine later on this year, perhaps the one out of the Adam Rocks(1 litre turbocharged petrol producing 115bhp). Other than the high capacity, the engine is great. I wouldn’t say its nippy but then again I wouldn’t say it is slow either. It can get you up to speed at a good enough rate. Opels Stop/Start system is available throughout the Adam range. This helps with fuel economy.


Like most cars now, electronic steering comes as standard. As I have said before, a lot of people don’t like this but I don’t mind it at all, well on city cars anyway. The steering is light in normal mode, put it into city mode and you may as well be steering a toy car. It really is very light in city mode. This helps when it comes to parking and trying to negotiate tight corners in town. It really is feather light.

The Adam is not without its faults. For instance, the visibility is overall quite poor. The A pillar is quite thick and can be a bit of a nuisance. I found it quite annoying at roundabouts, having to lean forward or back to see beyond it. The D pillar at the back was also an issue. I found this a problem when parking even though my  car was fitted with the €350 option of parking sensors. Opel still haven’t addressed the issue of its notchy gearbox. Gear changes could be a lot smoother from the car. I also found the seating position a struggle. I’m 6’2″ and just about got the seat to the right position.

Its a given, I think, that the Adam looks great. Its cute, funky and glamorous. The Adam is aimed at young and stylish urbanites. It rivals against the Fiat 500 and Citroën DS3. You can pick and choose everything on the Adam, they hope that no two Adams will be the same. Heard that before? *cough* Mini *cough*. You can choose from 16 different roof and body paint, 8 different grills and 33 different alloys ,yes, 33. The styling is fresh and you can see the resemblance of the Insignia in it. The new Corsa will look just like a bigger version of it, I reckon.


The rear is very tight. I had the driver seat fully back and there would have been no leg room for another adult back there. So comfortably, you could fit 2 adults and 2 young kids perhaps. The boot is surprisingly large for such a small car. It measures in at 170 litres, pretty much on par with its competitors. Fold the seats fully down to increase this space to 663 litres. Enough space for that desperately needed trip to Ikea.




The cabin is very cool. Again, it is fully customisable. The Jam comes standard with Imix White Cloth but Ocio White Cloth/Morrocana is available for an extra €195 or go for leather for an extra €1000. Mine had the Morrocana cloth and a red dash. Its a funky place to be but the thing that lets it down are the scratchy plastics used for the top of the dash and the glove box.

The Adam is available with an impressive infotainment system. Unfortunately, my test car only had a basic CD player and USB installed so I couldn’t play around with it. Available though is an IntelliLink audio system with a seven inch touch screen for €350. It can be used by either Bluetooth or USB. Also available is SIRI Eyes. This pairs with your iPhone to let you take in-coming calls, reads in-coming texts and even reads tweets.

The Numbers Bit:
The Adams 1.4 petrol engine produces 100bhp and 130nm of torque. Opel claims it will do 0-100km/h in 11.5 seconds and has a top speed of 185km/h. It can achieve an mpg of 55.4 combined and with low emissions of 119-120g/km, road tax is only €200. The Adam weighs in at only 1120kg.


The Adam range starts with Adam Jam from €14,995. Next is the Glam from €16,995 and the also at €16,995 is the Slam. Slap some options on there and you’ll be making the most out of your Adam. The Adam sits in the middle compared to its close rivals; the Citroën DS3 starting at €18,345 and the Fiat 500 at €13,151.

DE’s verdict:
Overall I would give the Adam a 4/5. It has definitely made a great presence in the market and is a serious competitor amongst the likes of the Mini, 500 and the DS3. Given more time with the Adam I could probably learn to live with its impurities. Its just that cool.


Would you like more information on the Adam Jam, Glam or Slam? Well head on over to or They’ll sort you out with the info you need!

Where I have been and the Jag XE

So where have I been for the past month or so? Well I have been touring around the Yorkshire Moors and Dales for 10 days in the Triumph TR6, I have been buying a new road bike and I have been talking to people. People that will benefit Drivers Edition and my venture into motoring journalism. It has been an exciting month for me and hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to share this excitement with you.

Aside from that there have been a few car launches. One of the most impressive being the Jaguar XE. A 3 Series and C-Class rival. What do you think?

Jaguar Ireland reckons sales are set to double. Will it be as successful as the XF?
One of the engines is a 3 litre V6 producing 335bhp getting it from 0-100kmh in 4.9seconds. Also featured will be a boring 2 litre diesel but will have emissions of just 99 g/km. Thats on par with a Hyundai i10! This will mean that tax will only be €180 for the full year.

It will be made mainly of aluminium so this means it will be one of the lightest and stiffest Jags yet and also in its class. I reckon this is enough to keep us going until 2015 when it will be released for sale.