Does good music make us better drivers?

You have a bit of Vance Joy or Edward Sharpe (an obsession of mine) pumping out of your car stereo, all is good. Then, an ad break comes on and you lower the volume. It is then you become aware that you have been travelling at a respectable speed, hands at ten and two and that you were chilled out for the past four or so minutes. You then frantically start to change the radio station and get annoyed when every other station is either on an ad break, reading the news or playing Nicki Minaj.

The title might seem a bit bizarre but I have noticed in recent months it has become more evident, good music makes me a better driver. I am more calm and more aware when I have some good tunes playing . Unfortunately in my car I don’t have an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth so I must rely on the radio to provide my music fix.  A majority of Irish radio stations play the same songs over and over again, so it is a rare and exciting occasion when they play something other than Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith. It is even a regular occurrence when two or three different radio stations play the same song at the same time. So when a  good tune comes on, the volume is cranked up.

I could even go as far as to say that it could cause mild road rage. Now, I am one of those people who say “theres no point in getting annoyed at other drivers, they can’t hear you”. So I do stress the word mild. I may just start to get impatient when I don’t have some good music to lose myself in. Out of 10,274 Irish motorists, 49.6% said they excessively beep their horn at another driver and a worryingly 5.3% said they would  get out of their car to confront another driver. That’s 544 people. I’m not saying that this is all because of bad or over-played music on the radio but if a lot of other drivers felt the way I do, this number may be reduced significantly.


So I shall round this post up with a proposal to Irish radio stations, please stop over playing music. It helps no one… Either that or start a fund to help me buy an auxiliary cable for my car.