2017 Audi Q5 – Launch

Audi Ireland officially launched the new Q5 to the Irish market today.


The old Q5 was a hit amongst Irish buyers. It looked good for a crossover and offered a typical good quality Audi interior. The new Q5 should most certainly not be overlooked going by the design alone. Think of it as a baby-Q7; mature, strong and definitive design lines give the Q5 a sports-coupe like stance. The interior still offers all the technology typically offered by Audi.

Engine and Transmission

The Q5 is not focused towards the driver. This is apparent. The steering feel is quite bland but light so is good around town. The 2.0TDI with 190hp and 400Nm is featured here. Power delivery is good and gear changes are smooth due to the 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox.


The Q5 is easy to maneuver all round. I took it into housing estates, through town and onto a straight, open road and it felt at home in all environments. Although there was quite a lot of road noise at both low and higher speeds that intruded the cabin.

Overall, the driving experience is good. For the size of the Q5, it doesn’t feel anything like what you might expect. Steering is light and power delivery is good from the engine.


Prices for the Q5 range start at €47,500.


The new Q5 is an improvement over its predecessor, Audi have not shot themselves in the foot, that is for sure. In saying that, the cabin could be a little more refined. But sure, you have all those gadgets to keep you distracted anyway!