A simple yet ingenious idea – Jaguar Land Rovers Bike Sense

Some may be thinking that this will be a big rant on how cyclists and motorists don’t get along, well you’re wrong…because I have already done one of them! – http://driversedition.com/index.php/i-shall-start-with-a-rant/

Jaguar Land Rover have just released information on their Bike Sense technology. It will use colours, sounds and touch within the car to alert drivers of bikes and motorcyclists approaching from the rear. This idea is so simple yet brilliantly effective. It’s long overdue, especially with the increase of cyclists on the roads over the last few years. Cyclists are vulnerable road users on Irish roads and over the years motorists and cyclists have had their differences. In 2013, 190 fatalities on Irish roads. Of this 190; 27 motorcyclists and 5 cyclists were killed.


Bike Sense will not just alert drivers with a generic alarm sound but it will also use colours and touch to let drivers know exactly what is approaching, whether it be a cyclist or a motorcyclist. It will identify whether the cyclist is coming up the inside or overtaking and the top of the seat will tap the driver on the shoulder. This will get the driver to look in that direction. As the cyclist gets closer, LED lights will illuminate the window sills, dashboard and window pillars in either amber or red.


Bike Sense will also identify hazards such as pedestrians or cyclists obscured by a parked car, for example. If the driver ignores the warnings and continues to accelerate, the pedal will start to vibrate and feel stiff. This will aim to disencourage the driver from driving on until the obstacle is out of harms way. The door handle will also illuminate and vibrate if the user is about to open the door onto an oncoming cyclist.


Now, if your thinking that your luxurious Jag or Land Rover will turn into a dodgy nightclub with lights flashing here and there when on a busy urban street, it won’t. When on a street with alot of obstacles, Bike Sense will prioritise the closest and most vulnerable one and inform you about it. This way, drivers will not get distracted.