Archie – Update

As you all know, I bought a 2005 MINI Cooper S. You didn’t know? Oh, check out my recent purchase here so!

I have no plans on modifying the car but I will upgrade brakediscsome parts… no, its not modification, I swear! The car is fully stock, as far as I’m aware. I have just bought grooved discs from Mtec Brakes and will fit them. They came in at a very reasonable €220 for four painted and grooved discs and Mintex pads. I’m not expecting them to be the best in the world but at least they’ll be upgrade from the standard R53 brakes.


I also plan on putting a different exhaust on. Its the same, standard exhaust that comes on the Cooper S but it has the driver side resonator deleted. This makes for a better sound and more pops and bangs. The neighbours will hate me…


I am in two minds about the next two “upgrades”. I’m thinking of putting in a short shifter and upgrading the air intake. The short shifter seems like a pain the hoop because the exhaust and the heat shield have to come off from the under body. Thankfully I’ll be doing the exhaust anyway but it still seems like a pain to fit. The air intake would make a  massive improvement, apparently. I’m waiting on my insurance company to get back to me on whether my insurance will go up or not if I was to upgrade it. I have been told that the Orranje Stealth Cold Air Intake makes a world of a difference. Its about £125 but seems like its the bee’s knees. Not only is there a K+N Filter included but also an upgraded air box too. If I don’t put that system in, I will probably upgrade just the filter itself. Can anyone shed some light on this? Should I bite the bullet and spend the £125? Should I just upgrade the filter? Or should I just leave it stock?

As for cosmetic modifications, I’m unsure. The car is Hyper Metallic Blue all over. I don’t think dark blue and carbon would look well together…Or black and blue…or white and blue. I’m not sure what I’ll do cosmetically yet.

That is all I have planned for now. Once I get the brakes on and give them a proper going through, I’ll update you all. I have my name down and paid for a track day in October. I’ll get to know the Cooper a little bit better then. Don’t worry, I’ll take her handy!