Audi RS3 – Quick Drive

The Audi A3 got the RS treatment to release 367hp and 465Nm from a 2.5TFSI engine. You can tell already, it is an absolute monster.

A Few Facts:
Model Tested: Audi RS3
Engine: 2.5 Petrol  – 367hp and 465Nm.
Transmission: 7 Speed S-tronic, Quattro four wheel drive
Price: The A3 range starts from €26,360 and the RS3 starts from €65,900, as tested – €72,948, including options.

The Audi RS3 is something a little bit special, more than just a “souped up” A3. From the outside, it looks angry. Give it a lick of Catalunya Red metallic paint, some chrome around the front grill and spoiler, Audi’s

signature S and RS chrome mirrior housing, and lets not forget the huge oval exhaust tips at the rear, and you’ve got something truely unique looking. On the inside, the test car we had was finished in Lunar Silver leather. As the RS3 is only available as a Sportback, this means it comes with 4 doors so you have no option but to let people in the back. This is no bad thing though as it helps give the RS3 its title of a hot hatch, its practical.

But what you’ve all come here to read is about how it drives. Well let me tell you, once you turn that key and the car burbles… sorry no, ROARs into life, you know you are in for a good time. Having taken the RS3 for a motorway blast, a backroad hoon and sensible cruise, I can confirm that it is both fast and agile when needed but is also the perfect all rounder. With a weight reduction of 55kg and an increase of 27hp over its predecessor, the RS3 is no slouch. It can propel occupants from 0-100km/h in just 4.3 seconds and is good for 280km/h. Using the Quattro four wheel drive, the RS3, much like the TTS, has tons of grip on tap.

The RS3 is almost the perfect package of practicality and performance. Although, being a premium product from a premium brand, buyers will be expected to pay a premium price. Audi will have to watch out for up and coming rivals that may well be just as good, but cheaper.