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The new Audi TT hit Irish roads in 2014. Its biggest feature was the new Virtual Cockpit. But pair the cute coupé with 310hp and 380Nm and you can forget all about the Virtual Cockpit because I can guarantee you, you’ll be having too much fun.

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A Few Facts:
Model Tested: Audi TTS
Engine: 2.0 Petrol  – 310hp and 380Nm.
Transmission: 7 Speed S-tronic, Quattro four wheel drive
Price: The TTS range starts from €48,900, as tested – €71,567, including options.

You must take a minute to behold the beauty of the TTS. Finished in Sepang Blue, the 2 door coupé is certainly something to behold. From the outside, what sets it apart from a regular TT are the sports bumpers, for increased aerodynamics, and the quad exhausts at the back. Open the door and the magic continues. Our test car had grey leather which complemented the cabin nicely. Close the door, foot on the brake and press the start button. I am about to get the true TTS experience. The 2.0TFSI burbles into life. I select D on the S-Tronic gearbox and pull out the gates in an em… playful manner.

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The excitement for the TTS continues out on the road. The TTS  handles very well, body roll is contained nicely, grip is good from the Quattro system and the steering does not lack feedback. Switching over to the paddle shifters, the TTS becomes an even more engaging car. I certainly made use of the paddles by downshifting every chance I got. That exhaust note is glorious.

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To get the most out of the Quattro system, I should have driven it in the wet. I can only imagine its capabilities on those greasy backroads, the cars computers going crazy transferring power to all four wheels giving it maximum grip. The TTS comes standard with Sport Suspension and 19 inch alloys so the ride is comprised, even in Comfort setting.

But putting this aside, drivers will love the TTS. It did not disappoint and nor should it disappoint a true driver. Letting it loose on an open road is where it is happiest.

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