Bentley Bentayga – First Look

Bentley have set out to make the fastest most luxurious SUV on the road, so they say. Bentley have recently released in depth details about their long awaited Bentayga SUV, Its a mouth full.


The Bentayga offers Bentleys W12 petrol engine and sets out to be “the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world”.


It is engineered and built in Bentleys plant in Crewe, UK. It offers a bit of every Bentley, Flying Spur inspired rear lights and Continental GT arches. Alloy wheels range from 20 inch to 22 inches and with a two piece panoramic sun roof as standard Bentley set out to make the Bentayga as pretty as possible. We hope, however, in the metal it looks a bit more attractive.


The Bentayga features Bentleys all new W12 6.0 petrol mated to a ZF eight speed automatic gearbox. With 600hp and 600Nm, the Bentayga is more than capable to lug its passengers around in ultimate luxury and speed. Taking only 4.1 seconds from 0-100km/h it will achieve a top speed of 301km/h.


The Bentayga “boasts the world’s finest automotive cabin”. It has the ultimate of British luxury  on the interior with the finest of detail  in metal, wood and leather. The employees at Crewe were well and truly put through their paces to achieve this high standard it seems.

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Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, says: “The Bentayga is truly the Bentley of SUVs. It redefines luxury in the SUV sector and offers a genuine Bentley experience in any environment, thanks to a combination of unparalleled attention to detail, go-anywhere ability and cutting-edge technology. With this extraordinary car we are looking forward to an exciting period of strong growth and sales success for Bentley. The Bentayga is the next step in our brand’s bold future.”

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