Bentley Mulsanne 95

Bentley marks their 95th anniversary by launching 15 bespoke models of the Mulsanne, calling them the “Mulsanne 95”. Only 15 of these models will be made in three British flag inspired colours; Britannia Blue, Empire Red and Oxford White. It will include a dark tint finished version of the iconic Flying B bonnet ornament and 21″ five-spoke wheels.

Inside, you will be reminded that you are in a very special 95th anniversary edition by a distinctive “95” embroidered into the front and rear seats and a passenger fascia panel. The wood veneer is not just any old wood, its carved from a 300-400 year old walnut tree chosen by Bentley themselves. This beautiful wood veneer is complimented nicely by a blue and white two-tone leather split with red contrast stitching.

Excited yet? Well don’t be as only UK customers can purchase these 15 bespoke models. Guess you’ll have to stick with your ‘ordinary’ Mulsanne for now.