Cannonball 2015

Twas a cold September morn, when all through Dublin, not a thing was stirring, not even a horn…
Well not exactly, as this morning marked the start of Cannonball 007. The City was awoken by the rumbles and roars of 180 Supercars leaving the 3 Arena in Dublins IFSC this morning. The cars ranged from numerous Ferrari 458s, Lambourghini Aventadors and Gallardos, Ford Mustangs and even two special guests this year included a Koenigsegg Agera R and a Pagani Zonda F. It certainly made an interesting morning commute.

The cars will trek all over Ireland spread over three days taking in roads around Dublin, Sligo, Killarney and Wexford.

What is Cannonballs purpose? Well other than to drive the nuts out of Supercars and have the craic, they will also raise money for a different childrens charity each year. For 2015, it is Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Drivers Edition experienced the start of the Cannonball Run and was seriously impressed with the vast turn out of cars and supporters to the event. Here are some pictures from this mornings event:20150911_105742 20150911_105756 20150911_105957 20150911_110013 20150911_110031 20150911_110619 20150911_110642 20150911_110745 20150911_110839 20150911_110935 20150911_110945 20150911_111002 20150911_111251 20150911_111310 20150911_111316 20150911_111339 20150911_111408 20150911_111423 20150911_111443 20150911_11160220150911_111616 20150911_111939 20150911_112340 20150911_112614 20150911_112622 20150911_112634 20150911_112640 20150911_112649 20150911_112658 20150911_112709 20150911_115324



For more details on Cannonball or if you’re interested in signing up for next year, visit Also, don’t forget to contact me if you’re in need of a passenger…