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Cannonball 2015

Twas a cold September morn, when all through Dublin, not a thing was stirring, not even a horn…
Well not exactly, as this morning marked the start of Cannonball 007. The City was awoken by the rumbles and roars of 180 Supercars leaving the 3 Arena in Dublins IFSC this morning. The cars ranged from numerous Ferrari 458s, Lambourghini Aventadors and Gallardos, Ford Mustangs and even two special guests this year included a Koenigsegg Agera R and a Pagani Zonda F. It certainly made an interesting morning commute.

The cars will trek all over Ireland spread over three days taking in roads around Dublin, Sligo, Killarney and Wexford.

What is Cannonballs purpose? Well other than to drive the nuts out of Supercars and have the craic, they will also raise money for a different childrens charity each year. For 2015, it is Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Drivers Edition experienced the start of the Cannonball Run and was seriously impressed with the vast turn out of cars and supporters to the event. Here are some pictures from this mornings event:20150911_105742 20150911_105756 20150911_105957 20150911_110013 20150911_110031 20150911_110619 20150911_110642 20150911_110745 20150911_110839 20150911_110935 20150911_110945 20150911_111002 20150911_111251 20150911_111310 20150911_111316 20150911_111339 20150911_111408 20150911_111423 20150911_111443 20150911_11160220150911_111616 20150911_111939 20150911_112340 20150911_112614 20150911_112622 20150911_112634 20150911_112640 20150911_112649 20150911_112658 20150911_112709 20150911_115324



For more details on Cannonball or if you’re interested in signing up for next year, visit Also, don’t forget to contact me if you’re in need of a passenger…

Alfa Romeo 4c Spider – Geneva 2015

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show saw the unveiling of the Alfa Romeo 4c, Alfa Romeos ‘comeback’ to its legendary past. It focused on being a lightweight drivers car. So what better time and place than the 2015 Geneva Motor Show to unveil the 4cs sportier sister, the Alfa Romeo 4c Spider.

The 4c Spider sits on the same lightweight carbon monocoque chassis just with added structural enhancements. This includes an aluminium rollover structure, a carbon windscreen frame and a steel engine compartment cross-member. However, all these structure enhancements add to the weight. To get around the weight issue, Alfa have improved aerodynamics ensuring very little wind and noise entering the cabin. Two roofing options are available, a removable carbon hardtop or cloth roof.

Alfa 4c DarraghCredit to Darragh McKenna for this picture of the 4c Spider in all its glory

Adding to the design element, four new wheel options are available on the Spider, they include 17/18-inch (front/rear) or 18/19-inch in a  silver or dark finish.

Inside, customers are greeted with leather seats with accent stitching and carbon surrounds. Tan leather upholstery is also an option. Adding to the Alfa experience is a new Alpine audio system with Bluetooth and multiple device connectivity.

Alfa 4C Spider 10

Performance is still the same as the Spider is powered by the same 1750 TBi engine producing 240hp and 350nm, a top speed of 257km/h and a 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile will be produced at the Maserati plant in Modena alongside the Alfa Rome 4C Coupé, which is also upgraded for 2015. Many features which were previously optional are now standard on every model, including parking sensors, cruise control, an Alfa sound system, luxury floor mats, carbon fibre headlamps surrounds with Bi-LED headlamps, the Alfa Romeo 4C car cover and an Alfa Romeo car care kit. The covered, projector-style xenon headlamps and Giallo paint will also be an option on new Coupés.


Prices are being revised for the Coupé model and will announced alongside the Spiders’ closer to the time of its launch this Summer.

Morgan Aero 8 – Geneva 2015

Morgan unveiled its newest member to its line-up, the new Aero 8. Since 2000, Morgan has produced over 1250 Aero 8s. Significant updates to the aluminium chassis, aerodynamics and suspension have been made. Still powered by a BMW V8, the Aero 8s engine produces 367hp and 490nm of torque. This translates to a 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of up to 273km/h. It is available in either a 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic gearbox.

Morgan says that the new Aero 8 gets its sleek lines from that on a boat and the doors are inspired by classic open doors of the 1960s. The new ‘clam-like’ boot lid stores the mohair hood, on the convertible option of course. The Aero 8 is also available in coupe guise.

DSC_0394 DSC_0397

Morgan says that the passenger experience has had a large role to play in the designing of this car. New dashboard arrangements, real wooden surrounds, textured box-woven carpets and leather trim are features of the new interior. Optional extras include; air conditioning, touch screen media systems, carbon seats and bespoke detailing packs.

As for the ride, Morgan has improved the aluminium chassis by improved torsional stiffness, a revised front end, all new suspension, anti-roll bars and a BMW limited slip differential. This increases the responsiveness of the Aero 8 and giving the driver a improved handling.  ABS, power steering, cruise control and airbags add to both the drivers and passengers convenience and safety.

Morgan will begin limited production in the fourth quarter of 2015. It will end production of the current SuperSports next month.

Have a virtual tour of Morgans stand at Geneva here:

Aero8 (17)-r50Aero8 (13)-r50Aero8 (16)-r50Aero 8 Hardtop r50 (3)

Seat Leon ST Cupra – Geneva 2015

Let me start with some numbers; 280hp, 350nm of torque, 0-100km/h is completed in either 6 or 6.1 seconds depending on what gearbox one chooses and a top speed of 250km/h. This is all achieved with the help of a 2.0L turbo charged petrol engine which can be mated to either a 7-speed DSG or 6 speed manual gearbox. What is it? Well the SEAT Leon ST Cupra of course, Seats answer to the fast estate car. You’re probably saying now that weighs something bonkers because it’s an estate car but SEAT says it’s just over 1400kg. CO2 emissions come in at just 154g/km for the DSG and 157g/km for the manual.


The Leon ST Cupras purpose is to have good performance and be practical at the same time. As you can see from the figures above, it’s fast. Is it practical? Well it boasts 5 doors and 1,470litres of boot space.


The Leon ST Cupra can be upgraded with a Performance Pack. This includes Brembo brakes, 19 inch rims in either Orange or Black, Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres and side trim strips. The looks can be further enhanced by the Line Pack which gives customers the option to customise the mirror housings, front grille frame, rims and the Cupra logo on the rear boot lid. Colours available are White, Black and Orange for this pack.


Standard on the Cupra are full LED headlights and rear lights, rain and light sensors and automatically dimming rear-view mirror. Cruise control, Climatronic and high beam assist are also fitted to the Cupra. The interior includes Sport seats in Alcantara, Cupra steering wheel and Media System Plus with a 5.8 inch touch screen and not to forget ambient lighting. LEDs in the door panels add to the mood, glowing red in Cupra mode or white being the standard setting.


The Seat Leon ST Cupra is on sale now in Ireland.

Remember Borgward? They’re back – Geneva 2015

Borgward is back. After a 50+ year hiatus it has decided to enter back into the automotive world. Back in the day, over a million cars rolled off its production line and it employed over 23,000 staff. Presdient of Borgward AG, Christian Borgward says: “Inspired by my grandfather’s example, we believe that, given the will to succeed, you can achieve anything. We are rolling out Borgward cars that are worthy of the name because they are luxurious, inventive, and bold. Just like those of my grandfather.”

DSC_0355he Borgward Isabella – A striving success for Borward

Borgward plans to launch a range of new cars consisting of two to three models per year. The first to be unveiled at this years Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It is focusing its product range at the German and emerging markets and this is where it will set up its production facilities. It will establish a HQ in Stuttgart, Germany.


Borgward reckons it will go along the electric route, going back to its successful past of manufacturing electric mail delivery trucks in the 1920s. It is in the process of developing a e-mobility model and says it will use a telematic system it calls Multiple Interaction.

“Resource Integration, German Intelligent Manufacturing, Multiple Interaction” This is Borgwards strategy.

This is all we know of Borgward so far. Things will begin to emerge closer to the time of the Frankfurt Motor Show .


Opel Karl – Geneva 2015

Opel launch a new city car at Geneva Motor Show. Its called the Karl, or the Vauxhall Viva for the UK market, and entry levels start at less than €9,500. It will feature Opels latest 3 cylinder, 1.0L Ecotec petrol engine producing 75hp. Customers can expect to achieve 4.3litres/100km and a Co2 figure of only 99g/km. It will have a five speed transmission and will only weigh 939kg. With the rear seats folded, users will get 940litres of space.


The KARL will be added to Opels existing range of small city cars including the ADAM and Corsa. The KARL will be available in 10 different colours and range of different alloys up to 16 inches.

The KARL will come standard with ESP but will also feature Hill Start Assist and Lane Departure Warning.  In City mode, the KARLs steering will become lighter. This is an existing feature in the ADAM and the Corsa. Park Assist and Cruise control are also available.


For the winter, the KARL can be equipped with heated seats and a heated leather steering. While for the summer months, users can enjoy the use of an electric sunroof.


Some technology on the interior includes a radio with 6 speakers, Aux-in and USB ports as well as Bluetooth connectivity. An optional extra includes a DAB radio.


The Ssangyong Tivoli – Geneva 2015

The Ssangyong Tivoli was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The CEO of Ssangyong, Yoo-il Lee was on hand to unveil the new B-Segment SUV.



The Tivoli is derived from the XIV-3 concept which was shown in Geneva last year. It will feature a 1.6L petrol and 1.6L diesel engine, both with 160bhp.



The two variants will be available in both manual and automatic and customers will have the choice of either 2WD or 4WD.  Safety is key when in comes to the Tivoli. It will come with seven airbags, both curtain and knee airbags, an Electronic Stability Program, Active Rollover Protection, Brake Assist and Hill Start Assist to name but a few. Ssangyong Ireland will have the petrol version on sale by June and July for the Diesel.






Paris Motor Show 2014 – So Far

I have become a bit of a Twitter freak within the last year or so and I follow anything motoring related that’s interesting. Giz a follow there sure, IanFitzpatrick3. Anyway, I’ve been following a bit from the Paris Motor Show so I thought I’d share what it had to offer with you:

Volkswagen XL Sport 
vw-xl-sport-01 vw-xl-sport-02

The XL Sport is, as you can probably tell, a sports version of the famous 280mpg diesel-hybrid VW developed back in 2011 , the XL1. The XL Sport is powered by a 197bhp Ducati Superleggera V-Twin engine. Lets hope this goes into production!

Audi TT Sportback Concept
audi-tt-sportback-concept-14 (1)

Only last week images were leaked of the TT Sportback and does it look good! A variant of the recently renewed TT, this one has 5 doors and 400bhp from a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine. The 400bhp is combined with 450nm of torque which gives it a 0-100km/h time of 3.9 seconds.

Lamborghini Asterion LPI-910 4 Hybrid
Lambo have released yet another stunner! The Asterion LPI-910 4 Hybrid is, other than a mouthful, a 910 bhp hyper car. 910 Brake stonking horse power!

hat do you think of the styling? When I first saw it I thought the front looked bit too similar to the Huracan. Still love it though!

Mercedes-AMG C63
mercedes-amg-c63 1 mercedes-amg-c63 2 mercedes-amg-c63 3

Note the name change, no longer C63 AMG now the AMG C63. It looks, well like the rest of the Merc line-up really. Two variants will be available, both V8s. The standard one will give you 469bhp and if that isn’t enough the S model gives you 503bhp! 0-100km/h in the standard is 4.1 seconds and 4.0s in the S. The estate version, pictured, adds a tenth of a second to the time. The old C63 did 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds so it’s an improvement.

Mercedes AMG GT
The beast everyone has been waiting for is here at last, the Mercedes AMG GT. Again two variants will be available, a GT and a GT S. The same V8 will power both but with 456bhp in the GT and 503bhp in the S. It is not a direct replacement for the SLS but will be Mercs flagship model. It will rival the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Jag F-Type R.

mercedes-amg- GT 2 mercedes-amg- GT 3 mercedes-amg-GT

2015 Volvo XC90
Last but not least, the all new Volvo XC90. This mightn’t be the most exciting of the line-up I have spoken about but it is the safest. Volvo hopes it will be the safest car on the road.  You may remember I wrote about this when it was released. You can read the article here:

volvo-xc90 2
volvo-xc90 3

Thats all I have seen so far and I am sure there is more interesting debuts to come. I will try keep you posted on Twitter.


Belfast Motor Show

Honestly, I was going to the Belfast Motor Show with quite high expectations. It turned out to be not as quite as big as I had hoped although the standard of cars were quite high! The BMS team had gotten Noble Automotive on board and my god did they choose wisely. The Noble M600 was on display and it was just, well, noble! It looks amazing. They had two cars there, an Orange and a Very Dark Blue one.


Noble is a small British car manufacturer that is based in Leicester. It debuted with its M10 in 1999 but really made a name for itself in 2001 with the M12. It had a 3 litre V6 producing 352bhp. Not bad for a car that only weighed 1,050kg and can be bought second hand today for as little as £22,000. Noble now have only one model on the go, the M600. It has a 4.4 litre Yamaha V8 producing 650 bhp. It only weighs 1198kg.  That gives it a power to weight ratio of 542bhp per tonne. I can only imagine how crazy this car is to drive!


The next exhibit to impress me were the two cars that Charles Hurst had on display. The Maserati Ghibli Diesel and Quattroporte Diesel.  Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone to talk to about the cars so thats all I have to say about that…

he QP is still quite a looker. It definitely doesn’t appeal to me as much as the first generation one but I wouldn’t say no. What I would say no to though is a diesel one. It just wouldn’t seem right.

Outside in the courtyard there were, what looked like, car club stands. There were a few modified cars, classics and the Rover Club of Northern Ireland even made an appearance with 3 P4’s, 2 SD1’s and a P6.

So overall the Belfast Motor Show wasn’t as spectacular as it set out to be.  Although, with a few more exciting stands there , they could be on to something. It was the first Belfast Motor Show in 12 years so atleast they made an effort. I really do hope that they run it again next year.

I will leave you with a few pictures:

Please do forgive me for my photography skills.