I shall start with a rant

So, My first blog post and its rant. What a great way to start, eh?

I’ve just been to town to stock up on the trusty Nespresso capsules. If I slow down to let a car pull out, go ahead or overtake I would expect a thanks in return. But no, not this evening. I let 3 cars out along the stretch of St. Stephens Green and not a simple wave or even flash of the hazards. I know its a petty thing to be ranting about but whats so difficult about lifting your hand up in the air or pressing a button? It just irritates me that there are drivers on the road that have no manners.

Another thing is motorists giving out about cyclists. Now, I am a cyclist and a motorist so my opinion is hardly biased one way or another. Cycling has become very popular in the last few years especially with the introduction of the Dublin Bikes and the bike-to-work scheme. So we must all accept that there are going to be all kinds of wheels on the road, whether that’s two or four. The Giro has also landed in Ireland so there will most likely be an increase in the popularity of the sport.

I cycle with a club and every Thursday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning we get motorists beeping at us as they drive by, even if we hadn’t done anything wrong. Its like our presence annoys them! It is legal for cyclists to cycle two abreast but motorists just won’t accept that. However, cyclists should also accept that on a narrow road, for example, that they could cycle in a single file. Now, I’m not speaking on behalf of ALL cyclists and ALL motorists as there are right and wrong on both sides.

2 thoughts on “I shall start with a rant”

  1. Hi Ian, congrats on starting this welcome initiative, while slightly outside your age audience, I will enjoy reading same.
    Agree with your thoughts on cyclists and motorists, think the problem in city is the completely unsuitable road network for cycling, can’t have both cars and bikes, roads too narrow. Would need the city to be redesigned from scratch to incorporate dedicated cycle ways a la Amsterdam, won’t happen. Out on the open road while acceptable to cycle 2 abreast it is quite irritating and difficult to try to safely overtake a big bunch of cyclists, ESP if the road is busy. Perhaps they could cycle in single file groups with space for cars to nip back in? Once out in the countryside revert to usual formation,after all it is supposed to be enjoyable social experience, side bayside, chatting etc. think bad manners on both sides.
    Happy days PiBren

    1. Hi Bren, Thanks and I’m glad you’re enjoying the site so far.
      I was also thinking of Amsterdam when you suggested redesigning the roads. The behavior between cyclists and motorists over there is completely different and much better in fact! That is a very true point about rural cycling also.

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