Mercedes E220d – First Drive

Mercedes had the Irish launch of the all new Mercedes E-Class on Monday in Palmerstown House and Estate. The damp and gloomy Irish weather didn’t stop the E-Class from shining.

A Few Facts:
Model Tested: Mercedes E220d AMG Line Nightpack
Engine: 2.0 Diesel  – 194hp and 400Nm.
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic, Rear Wheel Drive
Price: The E-Class range starts from €50,550, The 220d starts from €52,850.

I waited about an hour to get the E-Class in the AMG Line Nightpack and it was definitely worth the wait. From the outside, the car is completely baller. Finished in Obsidian Black Metallic with 20″ Multispoke Black alloys, the Night Pack certainly sets it apart form the Avantgarde and Exclusive models. The Night Pack is an option coming in at €1000.

Mercedes E220d Night Pack

Inside, the black theme continues. Equipped with AMG Interior, this test car had black leather/alcantara sports seats. Ambiant Lighting comes as standard across the range with 64 colours to choose from. Naturally, the interior is a scaled up version of the C-Class and a scaled down version of the S-Class, much like the rest of the car.  The dash has a clean and uncluttered layout. As expected form a Mercedes, it has a quality feel to it. The multi functional steering wheel now has a cool feature. Instead of traditional buttons to swipe through menus, Mercedes have replaced them with touch pads. A neat feature and surprisingly easy to use when on the move.

The new E-Class showcases what’s to come for the Mercedes line up in terms of technology. Drive Pilot will be Mercedes version of autonomous driving. The system scans up to 80m behind the car and 250m ahead of the car when the driver indicates out of the lane. This is to make sure the coast is clear and its safe to overtake, change lane, etc. The E-Class has also followed in the footsteps of BMW now allowing users to park their car with their phone. BMW has done this with their key and Audi have released videos in the past of this but Mercedes have taken action.

In terms of safety, Mercedes are offering some very up to date technology. Introducing, Pre Sense. One of the features of Pre Sense is when a car hits the E-Class side on, it moves the seated occupant towards the centre of the car. Therefore reducing the blow of the hit.  Another feature of Pre Sense is Pre Sense Sound. When a  car hits the E-Class and the airbags are about to go off, the speakers around the car set off a small sound that closes your eardrums (or something…) so that when the airbags go off, the sound doesn’t deafen the occupants. Complicated, but pretty damn cool!


From the quick test drive, I found the new E-Class to be suited to Irish roads. Each test car was fitted with the standard suspension and not the optional air suspension. Dynamic Select comes as standard and allows the driver to switch between Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual. Mercedes will only sell the new car with the impressive 9 speed automatic. Although, maybe Irish buyers may like to see a manual?


A key feature for the new car is the line up of new engines. The E220d I drove has the new 2.0 4 cylinder diesel unit with 194hp and 400Nm of torque. What is even better is that it has CO2 emissions of just 102g/km. This puts it in Band A3 with an annual motor tax bill of just €190/annum. Later this year, Mercedes will introduce an E200d which has around 150hp and they also hope to bring a 2.0 Petrol to the Irish market too, also with around 150hp. If the E200d or E220d doesn’t tickle your fancy, buyers can opt for the E350d. This features 258hp and 620Nm from a diesel V6 unit.


Mercedes claim they have added €7000 worth of extras as standard in the new car even though it is €850 cheaper than the outgoing model at €52,850.  The E200d will have a starting price of €50,550, €550 cheaper than the previous model. The E350d starts from €68,200. Prices are yet to be confirmed for the Estate and Petrol models.

For more info on what Mercedes plan on the future and for a quick glance of the Mercedes E-Class, check out my launch piece here.

So the E-Class is looking good so far, it is an improvement on its predecessor…from what we can tell so far. Hold out for a full review coming later this year.