Opel Astra Tourer – Review

A Few Facts:
Model Tested: Opel Astra Tourer Elite
Engine: 1.6 CDTi Diesel – 136hp and 320Nm
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual, Front Wheel Drive
Price: The Astra range starts from €19,995. The Elite Tourer starts from €21,195. As tested – €34,270, including options. 


As I’ve said in my review of the new Astra Hatchback, I like the new styling of the Astra range. It looks a lot more modern and sleeker than the outgoing model, which I think will age badly.DSC_0027

The same goes for the Astra Tourer. There is only so much that a car manufacturer can do to design an estate version out of an already existing model. Opel have done pretty well when it comes to the Tourer. It continues roof line, similar to the Astra, down the side of the car.  The C pillar has the Adam look about it.


The interior is very much the same as the Astra Hatch.  The test car I had was in the Elite trim so came standard with leather seats.DSC_0042 They were comfortable so a long journey would not be so bad in them.

The rear space for passengers is as on par with the Hatch, there is enough leg and headroom.  DSC_0047This particular car had an optional sunroof up front. It didn’t do a whole lot for the whole interior as it was only for the front passengers only. The Tourer would benefit from a panoramic sunroof option.

Standard Equipment

In the Elite trim, buyers get leather seats, Navi 900 IntelliLink system, Onstar and USB charging ports galore.DSC_0045

Optional extras included a sunroof (€650), front and rear parking sensors (€250), power tailgate (€500) and a power front drivers seat (€1,000).

Practicality/Boot Space

This is where the Astra Tourer makes more sense over the Hatchback. The Hatchback already has 370l available but the DSC_0040Tourer adds another 170l to make it 540l and 1,630l with the seats down.

This car benefits from an optional €500 power tail gate. This allows the boot to open and close electronically. A similar feature is found on a lot of other cars, like the Skoda Superb for example.

On The Road

The Tourer is similar to the Astra in terms of handling and steering. It is not engaging to drive and lacks spirit, not that many of its buyers will care about this.DSC_0025 It is not what it is made for. Although, it doesn’t feel as if you are lugging around an estate and the parking sensors to the front and rear help when parking.

There is wind noise around the windscreen which can be heard on the motorway. Road noise is present when doing anything over 80km/h which will annoy you when doing long journeys.


Volkswagen Golf Estate – Bigger boot than the Astra with 605 litres but doesn’t look as good.


Ford Focus Estate – Better looking than the Astra although it is more expensive than the Astra with a starting price of €23,545.

Skoda Octavia  Combi- Better looking, priced more keenly starting at €20,795 and is much more customisable than the Astra. But are there too many on the road?

Running Costs

The 1.6 CDTi engine emits 104g of CO2 putting in in tax band A3, €190 year to tax. Throughout the week, I averaged 5.1l/100Km. This was combining city and motorway driving.DSC_0041


The Astra range starts from €19,995 with the Tourer starting at €21,195. The test car I had was priced at €34,270 including options.


The Astra Tourer is a good car and is a step up from its predecessor. It is priced attractively but again the interior quality is still a let down, unless you go for the more expensive Elite trim level. If you are after a more driver focus estate, consider the Ford Focus Estate. If you are looking for an attractive looking car, the Skoda Octavia Combi is your man. But if you want to be different, then the Astra Tourer is the one to go for.