Remember Borgward? They’re back – Geneva 2015

Borgward is back. After a 50+ year hiatus it has decided to enter back into the automotive world. Back in the day, over a million cars rolled off its production line and it employed over 23,000 staff. Presdient of Borgward AG, Christian Borgward says: “Inspired by my grandfather’s example, we believe that, given the will to succeed, you can achieve anything. We are rolling out Borgward cars that are worthy of the name because they are luxurious, inventive, and bold. Just like those of my grandfather.”

DSC_0355he Borgward Isabella – A striving success for Borward

Borgward plans to launch a range of new cars consisting of two to three models per year. The first to be unveiled at this years Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It is focusing its product range at the German and emerging markets and this is where it will set up its production facilities. It will establish a HQ in Stuttgart, Germany.


Borgward reckons it will go along the electric route, going back to its successful past of manufacturing electric mail delivery trucks in the 1920s. It is in the process of developing a e-mobility model and says it will use a telematic system it calls Multiple Interaction.

“Resource Integration, German Intelligent Manufacturing, Multiple Interaction” This is Borgwards strategy.

This is all we know of Borgward so far. Things will begin to emerge closer to the time of the Frankfurt Motor Show .