Sixt Leasing CorporateCar Sharing

Today saw the launch of a new concept of Corporate Car sharing by Sixt Leasing in Ireland. Sixt have already implemented this in other countries across Europe but will now offer it for businesses to introduce into their companies in Ireland.


What is it?

Exactly as it says on the tin, it is a car sharing service that companies can introduce to their business to cut costs. For example; If the business has three or four employees doing an airport run, rather than each of them taking their own company cars, they can all take the one car. Therefore saving on mileage, insurance costs, fuel, etc.

A run down of how the service works:
• Once an employee is registered they will receive an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip card.
• Drivers book and schedule the use of a car like they would with a         meeting room.
• Cars are opened with employees’ RFID chip cards
• The black box in the car communicates simultaneously with the           central management system and track the situation of the car, and     scheduled bookings; that is, this service provides a total                             management of the car usage.
• The stations are created depending on companies needs.

So far Peugeot have partnered with Sixt and offer the 308, 3008 and 5008 for long journeys and offer the Peugeot iOn for short commutes and city based journeys. ESB were on hand to talk about the vast amount of charging points available throughout the country, just under 2000 Fast and Standard charge points are dotted around the country.

The P
eugeot iOn

Now, you may be thinking that the good thing about having a company car to yourself is that you can use it as freely as you like. Well Sixt have not taken this privilege away. They allow businesses to offer their cars to employees at the weekends. The employee just has to book the car in advance, then collect and drop it off at the dedicated Sixt station.

This idea is similar to GoCar, a service whereby someone can take a car from any station placed around Dublin city and use it for a fee. Corporate Car Sharing allows a company to lease a car and give it to an employee to use. Cars can be booked with Sixt online in advance.