Skoda Superb Sportline

Skoda Superb Sportline – Review

It’s no secret that the Irish love a good hatchback or saloon. The Volkswagen Passat is one that is a popular choice. But in recent years, the Skoda Superb has been winning customers over, and too right! But the Skoda Superb Sportline has the potential to be the best sleeper in it’s class.


A Few Facts:
Model Tested: Skoda Superb Sportline
Engine: 2.0TSI Petrol – 280hp and 350Nm
Transmission: 7-Speed DSG Automatic, four-wheel drive.
Price: Prices for the Superb range start at €27,500. Price as tested – €50,156.


I’ve always said it, and I have no shame in admitting it either, but the Skoda Superb is miles ahead of the Volkswagen Passat. In terms of styling, practicality and value for money. This leads me to the love of the Skoda brand. Skoda will do the weird and wacky stuff, along with SEAT, that Volkswagen feels it cannot afford to do. The Superb Sportline is one of these. Who ever thought putting a 280hp 2.0TSI in a family saloon would be a good idea only Skoda? Well, for Ireland anyway. The same engine variant is available in the Passat in other countries.  The Superb Sportline is what Nissan and Toyota used to do with their V6s, only the Superb is actually quite “sporty”.


However, other than the oddball Dragan Skin Yellow Metallic paintwork, which I dig much like that of the VW Up!, the Superb Sportline would make the ultimate sleeper. But more on that later.


The Superb Sportline, similarly with the regular Superb, is a lengthy, elegant looking family saloon that happens to be effortlessly classy. The whole car measures 4.9m in length and 1.9m in width. This is almost on par with the Passat, but the way it is proportioned, it looks much more elongated.


Inside, not much differs from a regular Superb. It oodles alcantara and the black headliner is a generous touch. As for rear space, I could rant and rave on it for days on end but that would just be boring. Lets just say, the Skoda could give a  BMW 7-Series a run for its money.


However, I did find the driving position to be awkwardly high. I forever found myself adjusting the driver’s seat position trying to find a lower position. It feels like you are sitting on the car rather than in it.

On The Road

To start, if someone was to ask me to explain the Superb Sportline in one word I would have to say; BRAAAP! The Skoda Superb Sportline can sing and chant all day long, or until the tank is empty, and leave you smiling every time. The four-wheel drive system, much like on the Skoda Octavia RS, is super grippy. 0-100km/h can be achieved in 5.8 seconds, which is brisk I can tell you that.


Although the name suggests that the car is a sports one, it is not a full blown sports saloon. The suspension is wallowy and body roll plays a part when hard cornering. However, 350Nm comes in handy when taking off from the lights leaving some motorists in disbelief.

This leads me to the conclusion that the Skoda Superb Sportsline would make the ideal sleeper. It’s suspiciously quick, makes a nice sound and, with the exception of the Dragon Skin Yellow paint, looks just like a regular Skoda Superb.


Practicality/Boot Space

Just because the Skoda Superb Sportsline has added performance does not mean practicality is compromised. Boot space equals 625l and can be expanded to 1,760l.


Skoda being Skoda, they have added some simply clever features to the Superb Sportline. These include space for a tablet holder in the rear armrest, umbrellas in the doors and easy-open cup holders. All which can be found in the Skoda Kodiaq.


The Skoda Superb Sportline adds Interior ambient lighting, sports seats, Gloss Black boot lip spoiler and black headliner, which makes all the difference.


Running Costs

I will admit now that I had a bit of a heavy foot with the Superb Sportline and only managed to average 10.6l/100km. However, Skoda claims that the Sportline is capable of 7.1l/100km. However, this would be near impossible for any driver getting behind the wheel of it.

It costs €570 per year to tax down to the emissions figure of 132g/km of CO2.


The Sportline comes in two body styles; a hatchback/saloon and estate. The Skoda Superb Sportline Estate with the 2.0TSI 280hp engine price starts from €49,050; a €1,800 premium over the saloon.


Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, hot saloons were very much popular with some popular examples including the Ford Mondeo ST220 and some quick variants of Peugeot’s 406 and 407.

Opel Insignia OPC – The Insignia is due an update this year so a new OPC should be on the cards. However, steer clear of the current Insignia OPC for the rate of tax alone; €2,350. If the Corsa OPC is anything to go by, it’s not worth its price tag.

Audi S4 – Although they are in different classes as eachother, the Superb and S4 are the same concept. The S4 is a recent addition to the A4 line-up, as is the Superb Sportline. However, the S4 has a starting price of €69,000. But, it does have more power on tap.


Spec the Sportline right and you will have yourself one of the ultimate sleepers on the road. Spec it in Dragan Skin Yellow and you will have yourself one of the most respected cars on the road. Either way, you will defintely not have made the wrong choice. If you are to take one quote away from this review, let it be; “Brap” (Skoda Superb Sportline, 2017)


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