Sometimes 2 wheels are as fun as 4

As some of you may know I am into cycling. So I thought it would only be fair to share both my passions on the blog. I have nothing interesting to tell you at the moment but I have a new bike on order and I will have something up about that soon. So hold on, all will be revealed soon!

In the meantime enjoy some bike porn:

Zero 7-BlueZero 7


Wilier Zero 7                                                    Wilier Zero 7

Cento1SR-Matt RedCento1SR-Fluo Yellow


Wilier Cento1SR Dark Red w/ Matt finish    Cento1SR Yellow Fluo



Cento1SR-Dark WhiteCento1SR Disc- Dark White


Wilier Cento1SR Dark White w/ Matt finish  Cento1SR DiscDark White w/ Matt Finish

Aernario Basic Aernario Signature


Storck Aernario Basic                                      Storck Aernario Signature


Scenero G2 Scentron


Storck Scenero G2                                            Storck Scentron


If anyone wants anymore info on these bikes, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know a guy!