Blue Tesla Model S 90D front

Tesla Model S P100D – Review

Increasingly over the years, Tesla has been creeping not only onto roads globally but into Ireland too. Its a rare site but there are a few 2015 and 2016 Tesla Model S electric cars floating around Ireland. But today marked the official launch of both Tesla Motors cars onto Irish roads and also the first Supercharger in Ireland. I went along to have a little drive.

Blue Tesla Model S 90D front

Welcoming the Tesla Model S and Model X to Ireland

Model Tested: Tesla Model S P100D
Power: 603hp and 967Nm
Transmission: Automatic, four-wheel drive.
Price: Prices for the Model S range start at €83,581 for the 75. Prices for the P100D start at €177,289. As tested – €209,035.

Blue Tesla Model S 90D front

When you think of a Tesla you think of an electric car, right? Well, its more appropriate to think of it as a driving computer or tablet. This car is so elaborate. I don’t think I have attended a car launch ever where I have gone away thinking to myself how on earth they managed to fit so much cleverness and tech into a single car! From the moment you press the door handle of the Model S and it glides out of the bodywork; you are smirking and shaking your head in disbelief.

But before I get to the tech, let me introduce its artistry and sleekness. The current Model S is a facelifted version that was introduced along with the Model X, both of which share the same chassis. Replacing the faux-grill at the front is a clean, smooth and rounded bumper giving the face of the Model S a more streamlined look. This streamlined design is continued down the side with the door handles popping out once prompted to do so by pushing on them. Around the back, it is very previous generation Jaguar XF-like with the shape of the lights and the chrome trim breaking up the boot lid.

Blue Tesla Model S 90D side

Open up the sportscar-like rimless glass door and you sit into leather sports seats. Everything is built around the 17-inch touchscreen, off of which everything is controlled. Everything being; the climate control, your phone connectivity, sat nav, the car’s settings, etc. The system includes a 4 year subscription to Spotify through a 3g and 4g connection. The only two buttons that are housed on dash are the hazard lights switch and button to open the glove box. Its all so sleek and, well, streamlined. This all sounds very normal for a modern day car, yes? Well can your Audi A8 close its doors from a button on the infotainment screen? Yeah, didn’t think so…

Tesla Model S P100D touchscreen

When you think of white leather you think of disaster but the white leather that was specced on the Model S suited it perfectly. It all felt very much like a designer kitchen; contemporary and modern. Pair the white leather with carbon trim, Red Multi-Coat paintwork and 21-inch Grey Turbine alloy wheels and you have got yourself a stealthy yet in-vogue sportscar. Oh and if you are a worried vegan, don’t be; Tesla have a vegan leather option.

Tesla Model S 90D rear blue

The Tesla Model S? A Supercar?

Yes, a Supercar. As practical and as comfortable as it is, the Model S P100D is a seriously quick and agile car for it’s class. Let me explain the name; P100D. P stands for Performance, 100 stands for 100kW, the combined power of the batteries, and D stands for Dual-engine; four wheel drive. Throw all of this into a pot and its a recipe for thrills! In Ludicrous Mode, the Model S P100D can launch the car from 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds. If you don’t know what this feels like think of being on a roller coaster; when you creep over the crest and then it just falls, the butterflies in your stomach going 90! THAT, is what the sensation feels like. But let me compare the numbers; a Ferrari LaFerrari does 0-100km/h in 2.6 seconds, a McLaren 570S does it in 2.7 seconds and a Porsche 911 Turbo does it in 2.8 seconds. Yeah, the Tesla Model S P100D is quite brisk!

Tesla Model S 90D rear blue

But not only is it as quick as a Supercar, it handles like one too. Get a nice twisty and quick-cornered road and the Tesla does not disappoint. The throttle response has two modes; Sport or Ludicrous. The ride height can be adjusted to High, Standard, Low or Very Low. Although, these modes are only suspension height so do not enhance the rigidity of the suspension. But just for good measure, I put it in Very Low to maintain the stealthy look. Body roll was kept at a minimum in the Model S, it was all very complete. Whereas in the Model X, body roll was very much present. The two cars are like night and day to drive.

Tesla Model S P100D and Model X

But the million dollar question is, how much does all this cost? Well, you wouldn’t be far off guessing a million dollars… The Model S range in Ireland starts at €83,581, including the government incentive. If you want the full whack and go for the P100D, including a few options, you can expect to fork out €209,035. Ok, ok, yes it is super expensive but lets do a slight comparison. The Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, the closest competitor from Porsche, starts at roughly €115,000. The equivalent Audi S8 starts at €133,000. So unless you want the full package, the Model S is not looking that bad.

Blue Tesla Model S 90D front

Tesla Model S P100D Range

What you will save in petrol costs from choosing the Model S over its competitors is quite enticing. The Tesla Model S range can vary between roughly 300km and 600km depending on your driving style. But, Tesla have a nifty calculator on their website which allows you to measure how much it will cost to charge the car and how often you will need to charge it. For example, based on an average speed of 70km/h, an outside temperature of 10 degrees and with the 21-inch alloys, the 75 is capable of 564km and the P100D is capable of 681km. Try and achieve those kind of figures in your Panamera!

Tesla Model S Interior with touchscreen

Tesla’s First Supercharger for Ireland

This week marked the unveiling of Tesla’s first supercharger in Ireland too, located at Junction 3 off the M8. The Supercharger can charge the Model S and Model X from 0-50% in 20 minutes and up to 80% in 40 minutes. Tesla say that the Supercharger is used just to get you enough power to get you home. There, you can use the Tesla Wall Connector to charge the car overnight.

Tesla Model S P100D at Supercharger in Ireland

Verdict: Would I buy a Tesla Model S?

Before I even stepped foot inside the Model S or Model X, I had it in my head that I was not going to be sorry driving home in my supercharged MINI, the little pocket rocket that it is. But that was very wrong of me. The Tesla Model S and Model X are both extremely capable cars, even if they will cost you a pretty penny. But I truly believe that the future is here. Welcome to Ireland, Tesla. You are more than welcome.

Blue Tesla Model S 90D front